Most Popular Coffee Lover Gifts

Whether your friends are a minimalist or not, they’ll appreciate a set of these double-wall mugs from Danish kitchenware line Serax. They’re dishwasher and microwave safe  Most Popular Coffee Lover Gifts.

A coffee subscription box is the perfect gift for someone who’s methodical about their brews. Brooklyn’s Driftaway tailors their bags to your friend’s specific taste.

Coffee flowchart

Coffee lovers are a different breed of person: they savor every sip, have strong opinions about their favorite brands and like to try anything new. If you have a loved one on your shopping list who’s in love with the hot, caffeinated beverage, there are tons of cool accessories and high-end machines to consider.

For the discerning coffee lover who treats their beans like wine, this coffee journal from Grace Farms is a great pick. It gives them room to track their favorite roasts and flavors, plus it features simple infographics of key coffee regions and varietals.

If your friend loves to brew their coffee with a French press or pour-over method, a burr grinder will help them get the most flavor out of each batch. This model is especially sleek and has a small footprint, making it easy to fit into tight spaces.

If your friend loves to sip lattes or espresso martinis, these glasses will add a touch of luxury to their barista-quality cocktails at home. They also make for a beautiful serving piece at a party.

A simple gooseneck kettle

Whether it’s for a colleague who always has a good word, the babysitter who keeps the kids happy or a friend who brings you coffee, there are plenty of ways to show your gratitude to them. But finding the perfect gift can be tricky.

For pour-over aficionados, a gooseneck kettle is an essential tool. It’s the long spout that allows for precision in the pour, but the design also takes up less countertop space than a regular electric kettle. This one by Fellow is easy on the eyes, offers a digital control and holds water at a specific brew-ready temperature for a better cup.

The Insta-famous Fellow Stagg EKG is a great gooseneck, but its latest iteration, the Stagg EKG Pro, is even better. It comes with a simple but effective digital control that lets you choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius. It also keeps the water at a set brewing temperature longer than some of our other picks. The only thing it lacks is a max fill line, which could help prevent overfilling and spillage.

Cheeky ceramic

If your coffee-loving pal has an affinity for handmade ceramics (and really, who doesn’t), this set will add a fun splash to their kitchen. The cute trio includes a cream and sugar jar, a small bowl for storing pods, and a coffee-themed kitchen towel.

This sleek tamper is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to make espresso. It has a smooth profile and is designed for bar work, meaning it’s easy to hold even with wet hands. Plus, it’s lightweight and comes with a replaceable base in case of any inevitable drops or dings.

For a more sophisticated treat, give them this cold-brew coffee liqueur. They can use it as a shot or in a White Russian or espresso martini, and its fun flavors—like Gulab Jamun and Balkava—will give their drinks some added flavor.

For the person who doesn’t want to be bothered with measuring out their beans, this simple manual grinder from Hario is a must-have. It uses ceramic burrs to grind the beans at a low temperature, preserving their flavors and oils for brewing.

Sleek stacking mugs

Coffee lovers love their brews and can always be excited to try a new machine, device or accessory. But sometimes, a simple and thoughtful gift can make them feel appreciated as well.

This stackable mug set is the perfect blend of design and functionality. The mint green color adds a subtle pop of style to any kitchen and dining room while the sleek, modern base allows them to stack neatly to save space in cupboards.

If your loved one is a true coffee enthusiast, they’ll appreciate this elegant mug and plate set that features Japanese-style ceramic and walnut wood for a beautiful aesthetic. The ceramic is chip-, scratch- and stain-resistant, and the mugs can be stacked together for efficient storage.

For the person who loves to linger over their brew and savor the nuanced flavors, this coffee journal will give them plenty of space to document their discoveries. It also makes a great gift for friends who enjoy sharing their coffee knowledge with others.

An easy-to-transport mug

If you know a coffee enthusiast who often takes their drink on-the-go, this double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel mug is a great gift. It promises to keep beverages hot and cold for 12 hours and has been a favorite of Well+Good contributor Lesley Chen, who says it’s “super sturdy” and fits easily in cup holders.

It also has a twist-off lid that’s leakproof and can be used as a spoon, so you can stir a shot of cold brew or add milk to a latte. It comes in a variety of matte colors and is dishwasher-safe, too.

Give your friend a little luxury for their morning cup with this sleek and useful glass set from Kinto, a Japanese company that makes stylish kitchenware. This simple, microwave-safe cup and plate are sold separately but are a nice upgrade from the plastic variations you may already have in your kitchen. It’s also a good choice for a coffee lover who loves to savor their java rather than down it quickly. This set also includes a slender gooseneck kettle, a glass carafe and a reusable stainless steel filter for pour-overs.