The Best Coffee Drippers

The Melitta 1-Cup Coffee Dripper is a great affordable and easy-to-use pour over coffee maker for anyone looking to get into manual brewing. It is compatible with all standard #2 cone filters and fits atop mugs of all sizes of The Best Coffee Drippers.

It is also durable, lightweight and holds the heat well enough to make consistent brews.

Kalita Wave 185 Dripper

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This highly regarded dripper produces a smooth, rich, balanced cup of coffee every time. Its patented wave filter and flat-bottom coffee bed geometry reduce contact between the grounds and the brewer for even extraction. It’s also easy to use for beginners and experienced baristas alike. The 185 is designed for easy brewing in a small space and the stainless steel construction is lightweight and durable. The coffee maker also eliminates hot water accumulation so that you can brew more evenly and avoid bitterness.

This Kalita Wave Dripper is available in both glass and ceramic and uses #185 Kalita filters. The filters are oxygen bleached to help maintain the flavor of your coffee and are made in Japan from premium thick paper stock. The brewer can be used to brew directly into a cup or mounted on a brew stand for an elegant coffee presentation.

The 185 outperformed all of the other brewers in our tests for even extraction, clarity of flavor, and ease of use. In contrast, the Chemex Funnex exhibited uneven extraction and the Origami dripper was too complicated to use and didn’t perform as well as the Kalita. Other contenders included the Zero Bee House, which had a small handle that almost slipped out of my hand several times during the test, and the notNeutral Gino, which had a unique shape but was awkward to hold and had a hard time sitting flush against the slope of the filter.

Hario V-60 Coffee Dripper

The Hario V-60 is one of the best manual coffee drippers because it makes a delicious cup of coffee with just one pour. It’s simple to use and even beginners can master this manual dripper. The V60’s conical shape allows deeper layering of the ground beans, and its spiral ridges help to extract subtle flavors. The design also provides the user with more control over brewing parameters such as flow and temperature. The fact that the V60 is free of flow restriction means you can pour water slowly for a light body or quickly for a richer flavor.

The V60 is available in a variety of materials including glass, ceramic, and plastic. The plastic option is the most affordable and durable. It doesn’t retain the heat as well as the glass and ceramic options, however.

There is a metal version of the V60 that is suitable for camping or travel as it’s lightweight and durable. The only drawback to the metal option is that it can easily clog. The clogging problem is less of an issue with the ceramic or glass versions of the V60.

The V60 is a popular choice for specialty coffee lovers as it produces a clean, flavorful cup of coffee in about 3 minutes. It’s also easy to use and takes the standard V60 paper filters. The V60 is a perfect gift for any coffee-obsessed friend or family member.

Kalita 102 Ceramic Dripper

The Kalita 102 ceramic dripper is a classic, straight-sided pour over coffee maker with the iconic 3-hole extraction system. It is perfect for personal use at home or by professional baristas in cafes. This cone dripper fits on top of a mug for direct brewing and will produce balanced and evenly extracted cups of high-quality coffee every time. You can also choose to pair it with the NK 102 filters for optimal results.

This dripper was designed using Hasamiyaki (traditional porcelain method). Each step of the process is carried out by unique artisans who take pride in their craftsmanship and aim to produce the highest quality brewing vessel possible. It took years of research and experimentation to develop a ceramic coffee dripper that is both beautiful and functional. The thick glaze allows it to retain heat and provides even extraction while the ribs on the bottom and three holes provide a space for the coffee to bloom.

This is a great coffee dripper for beginners and is easy to control. It requires a little practice to get the hang of it, but with a bit of patience and an excellent grind size you can make a superb cup of pour over coffee with this dripper. It is a little heavier than the plastic Melitta model, but it’s more durable and won’t break in your suitcase if you need to travel with it.

Chemex Six Cup Classic Series

The Classic CHEMEX Six Cup Coffee Maker is a stylish pour-over coffee maker with an eye-catching look. The coffeemaker is made of non-porous borosilicate glass and features a polished wood collar with a leather tie, creating an elegant design that can elevate your morning ritual. Designed in 1941 by a chemist, the original CHEMEX coffeemaker gained popularity for its stylish, functional design and pure, sediment-free drip coffee. The brewer can be refrigerated and reheated without affecting the flavor, making it perfect for entertaining guests.

The brewer is simple to use, but requires some patience and practice to ensure you get the best results. To start, grind your favorite whole beans to a medium coarseness and place them in the filter. Then, carefully add water until it reaches the top of the filter and saturate the grounds. Lastly, slowly pour the water over the coffee in circular or back-and-forth movements to ensure that all of the grounds are saturated.

The CHEMEX is easy to clean and dishwasher safe (after removing the wooden collar). If you are looking for a beautiful, yet simple pour-over coffee maker, then consider the CHEMEX Six Cup. It pairs perfectly with our scientifically designed and patented CHEMEX Bonded Filters, available separately from our site, to guarantee a smooth and flavorful cup of coffee without any bitter elements or sediment.