Best Burr Grinders Under $100 (The Cheapest I Could Find!)

Good coffee always makes my day better, and I always grind fresh beans right before I brew coffee. Do you love coffee as much as I do? If you do, then you might want to search for the best burr grinder under $100.

Best Burr Grinders Under $100

I have to say that part of my morning wake-up routine consists of grinding fresh beans and brewing enough coffee for two big mugs full.

When I first started grinding my own coffee beans a few years ago, I used a blade grinder.

Then, I learned that a burr grinder produces a better grind that results in a more flavorful cup of coffee.

I like the smooth, rich flavor and aroma that I get when I brew coffee from beans that were freshly ground in a burr grinder.

You might be surprised to know that it really does make a difference. It’s the uniform grind, produced without heat, that provides the smooth, flavorful brew that I enjoy so much.

Read on to find out how and why a burr grinder works well to produce the most desirable ground coffee.

A Quick Glance at our Favorite Picks

Image Product Features Overall Rating Price
  • Hopper Capacity: 12 ounces
  • Grind Settings: 15 Grind Settings
  • Grind Type: Conical Steel Burrs
  • Brand: OXO
  • Hopper Capacity: 8.8 oz
  • Grind Settings: 16 Grind Settings
  • Grind Type: Conical Steel Burrs
  • Brand: Capresso
  • Hopper Capacity: 20 grams
  • Grind Settings: 13 Grind Settings
  • Grind Type: Conical Ceramic Burrs
  • Brand: Porlex
  • Hopper Capacity: 8.8 oz
  • Grind Settings: 16 Grind Settings
  • Grind Type: Conical Steel Burrs
  • Brand: Capresso
  • Hopper Capacity: 8 ounces
  • Grind Settings: 18 Grind Settings
  • Grind Type: Conical Burr
  • Brand: Cuisinart

Burr or Blade Grinder, Which is Best?

Inside the grinding chamber of a blade grinder, a sharp, whirling blade spins from a central point on a horizontal axis to grind the beans.

As it spins, the blade cuts, slices, and chops the beans.

Friction from this action creates heat that extracts some of the oils, flavor and aroma from the beans before you even get to the brewing process.

Additionally, the resulting particles are not always consistent in size and shape.

Although blade grinders are generally less expensive, they don’t produce high quality ground coffee the way burr grinders do.

In a burr grinder, the coffee beans are crushed between two burrs that have sharp ridges similar to little teeth.

The action is more of a crushing and grinding action, rather than a slicing and chopping action (as in a blade grinder).

Burr grinders produce a more uniform grind, and the resulting ground coffee retains the oils, flavor and aroma of the original coffee beans.

Why Should You Buy a Burr Coffee Grinder?

If you enjoy coffee so much that you’re willing to spend the time and effort to grind your own beans, then you will want to achieve the best results possible.

The smooth, rich, and bold flavor of coffee brewed from burr-ground beans will convince you that buying a burr grinder was worth the investment.

Who is This For?

As you begin your search for an excellent burr grinder, you will want to consider your individual needs.

How much coffee do you typically make every day? Will you only grind enough beans to make yourself a couple of cups each morning?

Or, do you typically brew a greater quantity of coffee for two or more people in your household?

Additionally, you might want to think about the setting where you’ll use your burr grinder.

Will it be an appliance that sits permanently on your kitchen counter or coffee bar at home?

If so, an electric model will be right for you. Do you plan to grind your beans outdoors while on a camping or backpacking expedition?

Or, do you want to quietly grind coffee beans at your desk in an office setting?

If your answer is “yes” to one of these last two scenarios, then you will want to look into the merits of manual burr grinders.

Recommended 5 Best Burr Grinders Under $100 Reviews

When you shop for any product, you always want to get the best possible value for your money.

You really can find an excellent burr grinder for less than $100, but it can be confusing to sort through all of the features that are offered by the numerous burr grinders available on the market today.

You will want to find the best burr coffee grinder under $100 to meet your individual needs and preferences. Here are reviews of 5 excellent choices to help you in your search.

1. OXO Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Are you looking for a powerful machine that has a large hopper and the capacity to hold enough ground coffee for 12 cups?

If so, the OXO electric grinder might be just right for you.

You can choose from 15 grind settings with individual micro-settings to get the precise grind texture that you desire for any coffee-brewing method.

The OXO features a handsome design that will look great on your kitchen counter or coffee bar, too.

1. Stainless Steel Conical Burrs

Conical burrs operate most efficiently by using gravity to feed beans from the hopper through the grinding process and into the ground coffee chamber below.

This burr design produces a uniform grind which means that ground coffee particles are all the same size for the smoothest brewed coffee.

The OXO features, durable 40 mm stainless-steel burrs that will give you excellent service for a long time.

2. 15 Grind Settings

You will want to achieve a finer or coarser grind for various coffee applications.

With the OXO, you can choose precisely what you want in a grind.

Making French press coffee? You’ll want to choose a coarse setting.

How about espresso?

You’ll want a fine grind.

With 15 choices and individual micro-choices in between, you can achieve exactly the texture of ground coffee that you desire.

3. Ample Capacity Hopper and Ground Coffee Chamber

The hopper is the container where you load the coffee beans to be ground.

The OXO allows you to load up to 12 ounces (.75 lb.) of coffee beans at once.

Additionally, the chamber that holds the ground coffee has a capacity for enough to brew 12 cups of coffee.

4. Power, Dimensions and Appearance

The OXO conical burr grinder features one-touch, automatic operation.

Its voltage is 120v/60hz. Dimensions are 7.4 x 11.3 x 16.4 inches.

The hopper features a UV-protection tint, and the outside body of the grinder is stainless steel.

So, this would be an attractive appliance sitting on your counter.

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Highlighted Key Features

  • Conical burrs
  • 40 mm stainless-steel burr material
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • 15 grind settings
  • Additional micro grind settings
  • Automatic operation
  • Large-size hopper
  • Large-capacity ground coffee receptacle
  • Powerful
  • Durable materials
  • Precise grind settings
  • Convenient, easy operation
  • Conical burr design
  • Attractive appearance
  • Eliminates the build-up of static electricity and coffee ‘dust’
  • Sometimes, beans get hung up when feeding down from the hopper.
  • Sometimes, coffee grounds collect behind the ground coffee receptacle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Is this a loud grinder or a quiet one?

Answer: Compared to other grinders, the OXO is fairly quiet.

2. Question: Does it grind beans fine enough for Turkish coffee?

Answer: Yes. It grinds fine enough for Turkish or espresso and coarse enough for French press.

2. Capresso 560.04 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

Are you looking for a precision-made machine?

If so, the Capresso might be the right burr grinder for you.

It features commercial-grade, conical, stainless-steel burrs for durability and precision grinding.

These burrs are produced as matched pairs and hand-fitted in Switzerland for ultimate precision.

Additionally, the Capresso Infinity offers an extensive range of grind settings to fine-tune your brewing experience.

Automatic operation is at your fingertips for a convenient and easy experience.

1. Precision Burrs

Capresso manufactures conical, stainless-steel burrs that are made with computer-controlled technology to shape the grinding heads to within 0.1 mm precision (1/250 of an inch).

Then, the matching burrs are hand-fitted in Switzerland for amazingly precise operation.

This attention to detail in construction means that the grinding process is as precise as possible.

The result is that ground coffee particles are consistent and uniform in size, according to the grind setting that you choose.

2. Slower Motor Speed

At first, you might think that a faster motor speed would be desirable in a grinder.

But, after learning how it works, you realize that a slower motor speed is better.

A grinder with a fast motor will produce heat that removes oils and flavor from the coffee beans.

It will also produce static, and it will be loud.

The slower speed of the gear reduction motor in the Capresso Infinity grinder provides three advantages:

(1) grinding does not produce heat that robs coffee beans of oils and flavor,

(2) the grinding process does not build up static electricity that causes coffee dust to collect in the machine, and

(3) the machine operates more quietly than most grinders.

3. Wide Range of Grind Settings

The Capresso offers grind settings that range from the ultra-fine texture that you would want for Turkish coffee to the coarse texture that is needed for French press or cold brew.

The settings are arranged into four categories: extra fine, fine, regular, and coarse.

You can fine-tune your grind settings even more precisely within these categories.

4. Dimensions, Appearance, and Cleaning

The Capresso Infinity won’t take up a lot of space on your counter.

Its dimensions are only 5 x 7.8 x 10.5 inches, and it weighs 3 pounds.

The bean hopper holds up to 8.8 ounces of coffee beans.

The ground coffee receptacle holds up to 4 ounces of ground coffee.

The outer surface of this machine is made of heavy duty, die-cast zinc.

You can easily remove the upper burr to clean the burrs with the included cleaning brush.

A measuring scoop is included, too.

Highlighted Key Features

  • Stainless-steel, conical burrs
  • Precision-made burrs, hand-fitted in Switzerland
  • 16 grind settings
  • Desirable, slower motor speed
  • Automatic timer
  • Automatic operation
  • Durable materials
  • Precision grinding
  • Consistent, uniform grind size
  • Wide range of grind choices
  • Grinding does not produce heat
  • Ground coffee retains flavor and aroma
  • Little or no static build-up
  • Easy, convenient to use
  • Residual ground coffee gets left behind in the burrs and grinding chamber.
  • Some customers find that the coarse setting is not coarse enough for French press.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: How do you know how long to set the timer for?

Answer: The “10” setting is for when the hopper is full. Set to a lower number for fewer beans in the hopper.

2. Question: Is this product bladeless?

Answer: Yes, it is bladeless. It grinds the beans between the metal teeth of the burrs.

3. Porlex Mini Stainless-Steel Manual Coffee Grinder

If you love hiking, backpacking, and camping, you’ll love using this high-quality, manual grinder.

It’s sturdy and compact, requires no electricity or batteries, and it packs easily for travel or outdoor adventures.

You don’t need to be outdoors, however, to enjoy the Porlex mini.

With its quiet operation, this is a great little grinder to use when you want to grind enough beans for one or two cups of coffee in a setting where using a larger, electric grinder is inconvenient.

You can toss this little grinder into your purse or brief case and grind beans at your work desk for a reinvigorating coffee break in your office environment.

1. Ceramic, Conical Burrs

Ceramic is the burr material of choice for many coffee aficionados.

If you’re serious about reducing heat from friction so that your coffee beans don’t lose oils and flavor during the grinding process, then you would want ceramic burrs.

Ceramic material does not conduct heat, so your ground coffee retains the oils, flavor, and aroma of your favorite beans.

2. High Quality Construction

Made in Osaka, Japan, this grinder is constructed with the same attention to detail as high-quality Japanese cookware.

The parts are stainless steel, so you don’t have plastic parts that are likely to wear out.

A silicone band around the middle of the brushed stainless-steel body provides a surface that is easy to grip while you are grinding.

Because you might travel with this small, manual grinder, you’ll appreciate its durability.

The crank handle detaches easily and stores in the silicone band for storage or travel.

3. Grind Settings

Use the click adjustment to change your grind setting.

The Porlex mini will produce any texture from a fine grind for espresso to a coarse grind for French press.

Customers report that they also get a super-fine grind for Turkish coffee from this little grinder.

4. Small and Portable

Toss this grinder into your suitcase, backpack, or purse.

The Porlex mini’s dimensions are only 6 x 2.3 x 1.8 inches, and it weighs only 8 ounces.

You can load about 20 grams of coffee beans into this unit.

Highlighted Key Features

  • Ceramic burr material
  • Stainless steel body and parts
  • Silicone band for gripping
  • Removable crank handle
  • Crank handle stores in silicon band
  • Wide range of grind settings
  • Does not require electricity or batteries
  • Small and lightweight
  • Easy to pack for travel
  • Quiet grinding
  • High quality construction
  • Does not build up heat
  • Does not build up static
  • Grind settings range from ultra-fine to coarse
  • You will need to physically turn the crank handle to grind your coffee beans.
  • It takes a bit longer, and you cannot grind a large quantity of beans at one time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Will it grind to a fine texture for espresso?

Answer: Yes. You can grind to a fine powder with this grinder.

2. Question: How long does it take to grind 20 grams of coffee?

Answer: It depends on how fine you want it. Coarse grind for French press takes about 30 seconds. Fine grind takes a couple of minutes.

4. Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder (in black)

Do you want to just press a button and have the machine do the work for you?

This is a quality-constructed, electric burr grinder that features the ultimate in safe, automatic operation.

The safety lock, the automatic timer, the 16 grind settings take all of the guesswork out of grinding your coffee precisely as you want it.

The precision-made, conical, steel burrs will produce excellent ground coffee for any brewing method that you prefer.

1. High-Tech, Precision-Made, Steel Burrs

The conical, steel burrs in the Capresso are engineered via advanced technology to be precise to within 0.1 mm (1/250 of one inch).

They are manufactured as matched pairs, so you’ll know that the two conical burrs in your grinder fit each other exactly.

Furthermore, the burrs are assembled by hand in Switzerland to assure that the cutting edges and angles of the matching burrs will grind in the most efficient and effective manner.

2. 16 Grind Settings

Turn the grind-setting dial so that the little black dot is situated over the exact grind texture that you want.

The Capresso features 4 broad categories with 4 sub-settings in each, for a total of 16 grind choices.

The categories are: extra fine, fine, regular, and coarse. So, you’ll be able to achieve precisely the ground coffee that you need for any coffee-brewing application.

3. Safe and Automatic Operation

The safety lock prevents operation when the bean container is not locked in place.

This eliminates accidentally making a big mess on your counter.

Set the automatic timer for any time from 5 seconds to 60 seconds.

Turn the grinder on and you can forget about it. The machine will do the work for you.

4. Dimensions, Capacity, and Motor Speed

The Capresso 560.01 measures 10.5 x 7.5 x 5 inches and weighs 4 pounds.

The bean hopper holds up to 8.8 ounces of coffee beans, and the ground coffee container holds up to 4 ounces of ground coffee.

This grinder features a gear reduction motor that operates at a slower speed to reduce noise and static electricity build-up that results in coffee dust.

Highlighted Key Features

  • Precision steel, conical burrs
  • Large hopper
  • Safety lock
  • Automatic timer
  • Automatic shut-off
  • 16 grind settings
  • Gear reduction motor
  • Grinds more coffee at one time than other grinders
  • Wide range of grind choices
  • Precision grinding with matched burrs
  • Automatic operation
  • Safety features
  • Little static build-up
  • Does not build up heat
  • Compact footprint on your kitchen counter
  • Some coffee grounds remain in the burr area and must be brushed out.
  • Does not produce an extremely coarse grind.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Should I buy this lighter-weight model, or the heavier, stainless-steel model?

Answer: Either one is a great machine for the money and will last a long time.

2. Question: Does anyone have trouble with the upper burr?

Answer: Yes – sometimes. Be sure that you do not put the upper burr in upside down, and be sure to align the burr inside the black plastic area that surrounds it.

5. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Do you sometimes need to brew enough coffee for several people?

Perhaps you live in a household with several coffee drinkers, or maybe you regularly entertain guests for dinner.

If you find that you occasionally need a fairly large quantity of ground coffee at one time, then the Cuisinart DBM-8 might be a great buy for you.

You can grind enough coffee for 4-to-18 cups at one time.

The removable grind chamber holds enough ground coffee for 32 cups.

Automatic operation with an automatic timer and shutoff system makes it super-easy to use this machine.

1. Large-Capacity Hopper and Ground Coffee Container

The hopper holds up to 8 ounces (1/2 pound) of coffee beans.

You can adjust the slide dial to grind enough beans for anywhere from 4 to 18 cups of coffee at one time.

The machine will grind exactly the right amount of coffee beans for you.

If you are brewing coffee for several people, this saves you the work of refilling the hopper and grinding additional batches as needed.

2. Automatic Operation

Select how many cups-worth of ground coffee you want as well as your desired grind texture.

Then, touch the ‘start’ button, and the electric timer will shut off automatically when the grind cycle is complete.

Additionally, a separate one-touch power bar allows you to pulse grind, if you want to.

3. 18 Grind Settings

The Cuisinart features an unusually wide range of grind settings.

You can achieve any texture from ultra-fine to extra coarse.

It’s easy to choose your desired grind setting by turning the dial at the base of the bean hopper.

4. Dimensions and Construction

This grinder measures 10.8 x 7.1 x 6 inches and weighs 4.5 pounds.

It’s constructed of brushed stainless steel for durability and attractive appearance.

The flat, steel burrs produce a uniform grind that preserves the oils and flavor from your coffee beans to produce excellent brewing results.

Highlighted Key Features

  • 8-ounce capacity bean hopper
  • 18 grind choices
  • Automatic quantity selection
  • Automatic timer
  • Automatic shut-off
  • One-touch power bar
  • Heavy duty motor
  • Durable materials
  • BPA free
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Attractive, stainless-steel exterior
  • Extra-large range of grind selections
  • Uniform, consistent grind textures
  • Easy, automatic operation
  • Large capacity, removable ground coffee container
  • Included brush for cleaning the flat burrs
  • Flat burrs rather than conical burrs
  • This grinder is a bit noisy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Can you put a small quantity of beans in the hopper and let the timer shut off the grinding process automatically.

Answer: Yes. You can put in any amount, and the timer will shut off the machine when the grinding cycle is complete.

2. Question: Can it be used as a grain mill?

Answer: Yes. It can be used as a grain mill, if desired.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Burr Grinder

Coffee lovers who purchase burr grinders generally do so because they want the richest, most flavorful coffee experience that they can possibly get.

Because burr grinders produce uniform and consistent particle sizes in the ground coffee, the brew is as smooth as possible.

Additionally, the reduction of heat-producing friction prevents the extraction of coffee bean oils, flavor, and aroma during the grinding process.

Burr Shapes

Every burr grinder houses a pair of burrs with little, sharp protrusions and angles that are a bit like teeth.

These burrs grind against each other.

Burrs are shaped either flat or cone-shaped (conical).

The flat burrs grind on a horizontal plane.

They do a fine job, but particles of ground coffee tend to remain behind between the flat burrs.

Conical burrs use gravity to allow the ground coffee particles to flow downward on a vertical plane into the ground coffee chamber.

So, the process is more efficient in a conical burr grinder.

For this reason, many coffee enthusiasts prefer conical burrs over flat burrs.

The Material

Burrs are typically made of either ceramic or steel.

Both materials will do a good job of grinding your coffee beans.

The advantage of ceramic material is that it does not conduct heat.

Remember, you’re trying to avoid the introduction of heat into the grinding process in order to preserves oils from the coffee beans.

It is possible, however, for ceramic burrs to crack or break due to the occasional occurrence of tiny particles of debris in the coffee beans.

Steel burrs are not likely to crack or break.

Number of Settings

We all like to have lots of choices, right?

Some burr grinders feature more grind settings than others.

They typically have designations, such as ‘fine’, ‘regular’, or ‘coarse’.

As you shop for a burr grinder, you might want to think about all of the different ways you brew coffee.

Do you like Turkish coffee?

If so, you’ll want a grinder that allows you to choose an ultra-fine grind setting.

Are you into making cold brew?

You’ll want a coarse grind for that coffee application.

And, of course, there are many other brewing methods that require specific ground coffee textures.

Look for a grinder that offers grind settings to meet your needs.

Bean Hopper Size

If you grind beans for only a few cups of coffee at a time, then you’ll probably not care how large the bean hopper is on your grinder.

But, if you grind enough coffee for numerous cups for several people, then you’ll need a large capacity hopper.

Of course, you could fill and refill your hopper for multiple batches, but it’s more convenient if you can grind the quantity that you need all at one time.

Motor Speed

All of the electric burr grinders do operate at a fast speed, especially when compared to a manual grinder.

Having said that, however, you might want to investigate the advantage of a slower motor speed.

Gear reduction motors operate at a slower speed and therefore do not introduce heat into the grinding process.

Additionally, they avoid the build-up of static electricity that can cause coffee ‘dust’ to cling to the machine and make a mess.

Noise Level

Many of us (myself included) grind coffee beans early in the morning while others in our household are sleeping.

A loud grinder can put a strain on relationships.

For apartment dwellers, a loud grinder can even irritate your neighbors.

Burr grinders are quieter overall than blade grinders.

Additionally, you might look for a gear reduction motor that operates at a slower speed.

The slower motor speed will result in quieter operation.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Whether you use a flat burr grinder or a conical burr grinder, you will need to regularly brush the residual coffee particles out of the burrs.

Many grinders feature removable burrs to facilitate cleaning.

Especially in conical burr grinders, the upper burr is often removable for this purpose.

Do not wash the burrs with soap and water.

Simply use a dry brush to remove the particles.

Some grinders come with the brush included.

Bean hoppers and ground coffee chambers are often made of transparent plastic, and they are easily removable to be washed with mild soap and water.

Be sure to dry these parts completely before re-assembling your grinder.

Exterior surfaces can be wiped down with a damp cloth to keep your grinder looking like new.

Never submerge your grinder in water.


As with any appliance purchase, you will want to investigate the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with the grinder before you decide to purchase it.

You will want to get good service and be able to replace your grinder if anything goes wrong.

Final Verdict

I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results of your search for the best coffee burr grinder under $100 that will suit your needs and preferences.

If you take coffee-brewing seriously and want to get the best results possible, then you’ve already made the commitment to grind fresh beans every time you brew.

To preserve maximum richness and flavor from your beans, grinding them with a burr grinder is the best way to go.

Whatever your preferred coffee-brewing method might be, you will enjoy the advantages of a grinding process that leads to excellent results in a smooth, full-bodied, flavorful coffee beverage.

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