Different Types of Coffee Drinks Explained (Most Popular Picks)

If you are a coffee lover, then you will agree that morning coffee is the best part of the morning breakfast.

However, it has to be just right with the right balance in acidity, sweetness, and bitterness. You can also agree that it should not taste burnt, charred, or raw.

However, if you are new to this world of coffee, you are probably wondering how you can choose a coffee drink that will simply change your mornings.

Given the many different types of coffee drinks, it is important to understand all their attributes so that next time you know which drink best suits your choice or preference.

The different types of coffee beans

You might be wondering: what are the attributes that one should look for to make a good cup of coffee? One of the most defining ones is the type of coffee beans used while brewing your coffee. Though there are very many different types of coffee beans, the focus for today will be the following:


It is the highest quality coffee bean and majorly grown in various areas in Africa and the Middle East. It is also the most commonly used coffee bean with its world-wide consumption being around an estimated 60%. It is religiously used to make great coffee because of its great sweet, mild taste, and very aromatic flavour. Unfortunately, it is also known to have high acidity compared to other coffee beans such as Robusta.


The Robusta coffee bean has not been held to very high esteem over the years, as some would describe it as a cheap bean. It is known to have an earthy, robust, chocolaty taste, and 2.5% more caffeine compared to other coffee beans such as Arabica. While some may not like it, it still has its advantages. For instance, it is one of the easiest coffee beans to grow and is mostly grown in Vietnam and used there as well. It also has ever- deep flavours and is known for making very great espresso shots.


It is a very rare coffee bean and those who use it usually boast of its bold, fruity and, woody taste. Those who use Liberica will also tell you of its strong aroma and will be quick to explain to you about its origins back in the Philippines.


This is a coffee bean best known to be from Southeast Asia and is popular for its fruity and lingering taste.

Excelsa coffee beans represent only 7% of the world’s coffee consumption,  aren’t used very widely.

Once one identifies the perfect type of coffee beans to use, then it is important to understand the types of coffee drinks one can make.

Individuals should also be in a position to understand the brewing method for each type of coffee drink.

Besides just understanding the perfect brewing method to make their perfect coffee drinks, they should also understand all their attributes such as whether the coffee drink will have a much sweeter taste, or if it will be more concentrated as compared to others. At times, it may require a topping or may not need one at all.

24 Most popular coffee drinks

What are the different types of coffee drinks? In addition, what distinguishes one coffee drink from another? Or in simple terms, what sets these coffee drinks from each other?

1. Black coffee

It is the most common type of coffee and it is considered very easy to make. It is made from combining hot water and grounded coffee beans. This type of coffee drink can be taken with or without any sugar. Most people usually love to take it without sugar as they find it sweeter that way. However, with this coffee, you cannot add any honey, cream, or milk since it will not only affect the aroma but also change the color of the coffee to light brown or white. Want to keep it black? No milk or cream then.

2. Espresso

This is a popular coffee drink that is believed to have originated from Italy. It is widely regarded as one of the most quality coffee drinks and is said to have a very rich flavor. It is made from passing high- pressure steam through grounded coffee beans to produce thick coffee with creamy foam at the top.

The commonly used base for other coffee drinks is also very popular for its very high levels of caffeine per unit.

3. Ristretto

It is among one of the espresso-based coffee drinks. The brewing process is similar to that of espresso but with half the amount of water. Since it is made like an espresso, less water makes it is more concentrated and is known to take up a different taste.

4. Americano

It is also an espresso-based coffee drink. However, unlike Ristretto, it is less concentrated since it made using large amounts of hot water. The procedure for making it is to fill a cup or tumbler with two-thirds of hot water before adding a shot of espresso in it.

5. Double Espresso

As the name suggests, it is made using two espresso shots poured into a cup. With such a simple and straightforward process, why would not go ahead and try out this energy-boosting double shot of caffeine?

6. Short Macchiato

This is a coffee drink that is almost similar to an espresso. However, it has a dollop of steamed milk and foam. The ingredients for making this drink are a shot of espresso, a dollop of steamed milk, and foam.

The procedure for making it is pouring a shot of espresso into a cup or tumbler and slowly adding a dollop of steamed milk and foam on top of the espresso shot.

7. Long Macchiato

MacchiatoIt is also an espresso based coffee drink and is almost similar to the short Macchiato.

However, it is made using two espresso shots.

The ingredients required to make this drink are almost similar to a short Macchiato but with this, you will require two espresso shots, a dollop of steamed milk, and foam.

The procedure for making this drink will be to pour the two espresso shots into a cup and slowly add the dollop of steamed milk and foam on top.

8. Cafe’ Latte

It is regarded as one of the sweeter-tasting espresso-based coffee drinks. It is made using a shot of espresso, steamed milk, and micro- foam. The procedure to making this much sweeter tasting coffee drink is adding a shot of espresso in a cup and then slowly adding in the steamed milk and one centimetre of micro-foam on top of the steamed milk.

9. Cappuccino

It is similar to a cafe latte but only with more foam and has chocolate. It is made using a shot of espresso, steamed milk, and micro-foam. This type of coffee has a chocolate topping. The procedure of making it involves is adding a shot of espresso in a cup then slowly adding steamed milk followed by two to three centimetres of micro-foam on top, and finally sprinkling chocolate as a topping to the coffee.

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10. Piccolo Latte

This is a very interesting coffee drink as it can be made by using either an espresso or Ristretto shot. Once you have put your shot of choice in the cup or tumbler, you can then add steamed milk and a small amount of the different types of coffee drink.

11. Mocha

If you are a hot chocolate fanatic and would want to try the new and fresh in the coffee world, then mocha is the perfect drink for you. It is described as a mix between a cappuccino, which is an espresso based coffee drink, and hot chocolate.

It is made by adding the chocolate powder to an espresso shot in a cup of your choice then slowly adding steamed milk, two to three centimeters of micro-foam, and eventually sprinkling chocolate powder on top to act as a topping

12. Affogato

Do not let the name fool you; Affogato is actually a very delicious coffee drink that will serve as a great treat more especially during the summer or after dinner. So how about we walk you through the procedure towards making it?

First, you will require the following: a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a single or double shot of espresso, and finally a tumbler glass of milk. Once you have all the ingredients, you will then add the scoop of vanilla ice cream into the tumbler glass of milk and then slowly add in the single or double shot of espresso according to your liking. If you in the Irish mood then you can add the Frangelico liqueur to give it that Irish kick.

13. Flat White

Flat white coffee is an espresso based coffee drink that is almost the same as an espresso. However, it comes with a lower amount of steamed milk. It is made using a shot of espresso and steamed milk but it has no foam.

The procedure involves pouring a shot of espresso and then slowly adding in the steamed milk. The steamed milk will serve as a supporting taste in the drink while the espresso flavour will dominate the aroma.

14. Breve

It can basically be described as an espresso but with half the amount of milk and cream. This means that even though it may have the same flavour as an espresso, it will be less concentrated.

We may have looked at quite a number of coffee drinks but there are still some that are categorized according to their brewing methods. Some of these include the following:

15. The Drip Coffee

This type of coffee is made by dripping boiling water over coarsely grounded coffee beans. The water then passes through the filter and eventually into the pot. However, unlike the espresso, in this process, the water has a lot more contact with the grounded coffee beans and therefore the quality of the coffee produced is high. It is also very rich in flavour and taste.

16. Batch Brew Coffee

This type of coffee is made using a batch brew coffee machine. The batch brew method works almost as similar as the pour-over coffee method. The only difference with this method there is the use of a machine. It is also known to be best suited for serving dark coffee. It is praised for its consistency in the quality of coffee produced since one has the option to program the machine according to the standards they desire.

Individuals can also create a recipe of their choice and program it into the machine. The downside with this type of coffee brewing method is that one is not in control of the grind size of the coffee beans. Nevertheless, they are often advised to consider the type of equipment they use, the water temperature as well as the quality since it often affects the quality of coffee produced. People are also urged not to use tap water as it interferes with the quality of the coffee as well.

17. Instant Coffee

It is among one of the easiest coffees to make. It involves the pouring of your desired amount of hot water over the coffee beans or crystals until they completely dissolve. Thereafter you can pour it into a desired cup of your choice and serve it with or without sugar.

18. Aeropress Coffee

If you are a fan of a concentrated quality cup of coffee, then you might appreciate a cup of Aeropress coffee.

Just as the name suggests, it is made using an Aeropress machine.

This is a coffee making machine which was invented about ten years ago by a renowned physicist known as Alan Adler.

Most of the people who use it for the first time are very quick to notice its complex nature.

However, as time goes by and they get used to it, they find it rather easy and comfortable to use.

So what is this Aeropress machine exactly and how does one go about is in it? The Aeropress Machine, which can be ordered from Amazon, comes with a number of components upon arrival.

The components include Aeropress coffee maker itself, a plastic plunger, a cap for the end of the plunger, and filters that will go into the cap.

In addition, the machine comes equipped with a coffee scoop, which will help you to measure the right amount of coffee beans needed, a funnel that will ensure the coffee grounds are neatly in the chamber, and a paddle for stirring.

Now that you understand what an Aeropress Machine is made up of, allow us to walk you through how it actually works. However, before we do so, here are some pointers that will go a long way in ensuring that your cup of coffee will be of very high quality.

First, you advised not to use boiling water, as it will make the coffee bitter. Alternatively, you are advised to aim for a water temperature of about 175 degrees to 195 degrees.

Secondly, that there are two methods that one can use to make coffee using the Aeropress Machine. Moreover, if you opt to use the first method then you will be required to have the following:

An Aeropress Machine, a kettle and a stovetop or an electric cooker.

A coffee grinder, a coffee grinder, a mug or a small pitcher

Finally, a timer will be required to regulate time. This is optional to an individual.

Therefore, once you have all the requirements then you can slowly follow the following steps to making your delicious cup of concentrated coffee.

  1. Bring the water to a boil and then let it cool whirl aiming for a temperature between 175 degrees to 195 degrees.
  2. Measure around four tablespoons of good quality coffee beans and then grind them until they are fine.
  3. Assemble the Aeropress then place a paper filter inside the cap and place it on top of a mug or a cup. There after drizzle some warm water to wet the filter.
  4. Place the funnel on top of the cup and then pour in the grounded coffee. Once it has been properly set then you remove the funnel.
  5. Pour in the hot water, which should have a temperature between 175 degrees to 195 degrees up to the top line online Aeropress.
  6. Using the paddle stirrer or a spoon, stir once or a couple of times
  7. You insert the plunger and then firmly press it down until you hear a long hiss sound.
  8. There after take the coffee extracted and taste if the concentration is too high and not to your liking you can add in little amounts of water to dilute it.
  9. Once the concentration of the coffee is to your liking then you pour it into your favourite cup and enjoy your delicious cup of coffee.

If you find that the first method does not work for you and opt to use a different method, then you might want to consider the second one. The second method may seem to be a bit simpler and with fewer steps as compared to the first one, though they may still share some similar basic tips.

The following would be the steps for the second method:

  1. Heat the water to the optimal temperature of about 175 degrees to 195 degrees. Then measure about two Aeropress scoops of your quality coffee beans of choice. Assemble the Aeropress and put the plunger in the chamber. Ensure that you flip it upside down but without putting the cap or filter on.
  2. Put in the funnel and pour in the grounded coffee into the chamber.
  3. Add in the hot water until the chamber is full.
  4. Stir the mixture using a paddle.
  5. Place a paper filter into the cap, put it in the cap, and screws it tightly onto the chamber.
  6. Carefully and quickly, flip over the Aeropress machine all the whole ensuring that the cap remains down.
  7. There after place a mug or a cup at the bottom to collect the coffee mixture and then press down using the plunger.
  8. Just like the previous method if the coffee is very concentrated you can opt to dilute it using little mounts of water until its concentration is up to your liking.

19. Pour over coffee

It is made using a pour over coffee maker. It is highly encouraged if you enjoy making your cup of coffee from home and if you would like to be in control of all the aspects towards making your perfect cup of coffee.

Before we get to the steps to make your pour-over cup of coffee, it is crucial to understand what exactly you will be working with. The pour over coffee maker is made up of the following:

The coffee grinder which one uses to grind the coffee beans that one will use, the filters that prevent any sediment and oils from getting into your cup of coffee, and a gooseneck drop kettle which controls both the pour rate and pour distribution.

The pour rate is the rate at which water is poured into the coffee maker while pour distribution is the specific location where hot water is poured to ensure there is proper wetting of the grounds and therefore allows for even extraction.

You also need a stand that helps to align your pour-over coffee maker with your favorite mug to prevent it from breaking it and any coffee beans of your choice.

Now that we understand what a pour over coffee maker is made up of we can now slowly walk you through the process to making your favourite cup of coffee.

  1. Grind the coffee beans whole aiming for a medium sized bring size.
  2. Measure the amount of coffee grounds and water for use. You are advised that for every two tablespoons of coffee grounds that you use about six oz of water.
  3. Heat the water you will have measure while aiming for a temperature of about one hundred and ninety five to two hundred and five degrees.
  4. Wetting the grounds, this is the first contact that the coffee grounds will have with the hot water. You may notice the coffee grounds expanding like dough once they absorb the water. Do not panic this is very normal and it is referred to as blooming.
  5. You continue pouring to produce your desired cup. You can do this in two ways one of them being that you can slowly and continuously pour the hot water or alternatively pour all the hot water into the coffee maker and then let it slowly drip down.
  6. You collect your coffee mixture and if too concentrated go your liking you can then add little amounts of water to dilute it to your liking. Then pour your coffee into your favourite mug and then have a seat and enjoy your delicious cup of coffee.

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20. Immersion Coffee

This can easily be made by dipping in coffee grounds in hot water and allowing them to be fully immersed and steeped in water. The result will be your delicious cup of coffee.

21. Percolated Coffee

Percolated coffee is usually made from passing hot water or any solvent through a bed of ground coffee. You achieve this either by using pressure or by applying gravity to the desired strength.

22. Iced Coffee

If you are in the mood for a cold coffee drink, you could try the iced coffee drink. It is made by cooling coffee once it has been prepared using a hot brew method. The hot brew method is pouring of hot water over a bed of grounds coffee beans.

23. Cold Brew Coffee

If the iced coffee will not do the trick for you when it comes to cold coffee drinks, then you might want to consider the cold brew coffee. It is made from using cold water over long periods to finally create a cold coffee drink.

24. Coffee Moka

I know the name sounds funny but it all comes from the fact that it is brewed in a Moka pot. So how exactly does this Moka pot work you would ask? Well, let me put your mind to rest by assuring you that it is not that complicated. It works by passing water in the form of pressurized steam through the coffee grounds.

Popular coffee flavours of Starbucks

Now that you are completely in touch with the coffee, world and you may have even identified the coffee drink that will make your mornings.

I presume it is time to inform you of the numerous places where you can get your coffee drink if you opt to go out to get one.

One of the very many in this country would be the Starbucks coffee company.

The company, founded in 1971, has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington and has been known to offer great coffee drinks over the years.

Some of their most popular coffee flavours being-

 Vanilla Latte

As much as Starbucks serves quite a number of coffee drinks, the vanilla latte is known to be the most popular. Most people would argue that it is healthier as compared to other coffee drinks.  Made using a blonde espresso, milk, ice, and vanilla syrup, Vanilla Latte comes in three options.  The blonde vanilla latte, which is the one described above, skinny vanilla latte, which one can opt for if they want to reduce the amount of calories they are taking, and finally the iced vanilla latte if you would like to have your drink chilled.

 Iced White Chocolate Mocha

It is among one of the most popular coffee drinks with the ingredients to making it being white chocolate, ice, an espresso, milk and whipping cream. It is made by drizzling white chocolate into a glass, adding ice and then slowly pouring in an espresso. Then later filling it with milk and eventually topping it up with whipped cream.

You can also use different sweetening methods such as you can opt to use white chocolate mocha syrup or alternatively just use the vanilla syrup. It has weight of about 49 grams in 16 ounces and has a healthier alternative made by swiping to sugar free vanilla or using less white chocolate mocha.

 Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin Spice Latte comes from using real pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, clove, coffee and milk and is often casually known as PSL. However, it weighs about fifty grams of sugar but can still be a little healthier by asking for more of the pumpkin pie spice or just limiting the pumpkin spice sauce filled with sugar.

 Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino

Described as the cinnamon dolce and blended with coffee, white chocolate mocha sauce and vanilla bean. It works best for a cold drink and made using vanilla bean Frappuccino, white mocha, cinnamon dolce syrup and cinnamon dolce powder.

The procedure to making it is pouring the vanilla bean Frappuccino in a cup then adding the white mocha and cinnamon dolce syrup, and eventually topping it up with the cinnamon dolce powder or whipped cream. It weighs about eighty- five grams per sixteen ounces and easily made healthier by limiting the amount of sugar added, opting to use sugar free dolce flavouring or reducing the syrup pumps all together.

You can also opt to switch to iced cinnamon dolce latte, which will only have about ten grams of sugar.

 Java Chip Frappuccino

Made from blending mocha sauce and Frappuccino chips with coffee, milk and ice then topping it up with whipped cream and mocha drizzle. It can be made a little healthier by opting to  order a Java Chip light Frappuccino since it uses non- fat milk, light Frappuccino syrup and more ice therefore reducing the amount of grams from seventy two to forty.

 Hot Chocolate

It is made by mixing steamed milk with vanilla syrup which has sugar, water, natural flavours, potassium sorbate and mocha sauce which has water, sugar, cocoa processed with Alkali and natural flavours. Then sweetened with whipped cream and has a chocolate flavoured drizzle as a topping.

It weighs around three hundred and forty grams for a one tall serving size, which is also equivalent to around three hundred and thirty calories. However not to worry it can be made a bit healthier by opting to use non- fat milk as opposed to whole milk and doing away with whipped cream while opting for a lighter drizzle of chocolate topping.

Green Tea Crème Frappuccino

Made from blending sweetened premium green tea with milk, ice and topping it up with sweetened whipped cream. Therefore, it has the following different calories per different servings:  about two hundred and forty calories in twelve ounces that is like a tall sized cup at Starbucks coffee.

About three hundred and thirty calories in sixteen ounces that is for a Grande cup of coffee at Starbucks and finally around four hundred and forty calories in twenty- four ounces.

Chai Latte

This coffees drink is in high demand because of its fantastic mixture of black tea with other spices and great balance between sweet and spicy. It is also a very great drink since you get to enjoy a great combination of flavour from the black tea or chai as some would call it with the great spice favours such as pepper, cinnamon, and clove to name but a few.

I am sure that by now you can guess what the main ingredient for chai latte is: black tea. You got it right. It is then mixed with a number of ingredients such as steamed milk some cinnamon, clove and spices like black pepper and ginger.  Mixed with some natural flavours, sugar, honey, vanilla and citric acid, there after top up with foam and served.

As much as it is a very great drink for all of you, who enjoy having different flavour in your cup, you might still want to know the calories it packs. This drink weighs carries around one hundred and thirty calories, which may come from two kilogram from fat and about twenty kilograms from sugar that is if you will use up to 4 teaspoons in your cup.

However, you can opt for a healthier option, which would be to order the light sweet chai tea latte instead.

 Caramel Cocoa Cluster Frappuccino

It is made by blending toffee nut syrup, Frappuccino roast coffee with milk and ice, and topping it up with a layer of caramel sauce, whipped cream and a drizzle of mocha sauce. A Grande sized cup at Starbucks has the following calories:  four hundred and seventy calories with about one hundred and sixty calories from fat and has about seventy- five grams of sugar.

Nevertheless, do not panic as it is much healthier if you opt to use non- fat milk or asking for a reduction in the addition of syrups and sauces.

 Lemon Bar Crème Frappuccino

Made in the following process, addition of lemonade to the first line of the cup followed by milk on the second line and there after adding two pumps of vanilla syrup that is for a Grande sized cup. Then top it up with whipped cream and caramel sugar with it having about three hundred and fifty calories with about one hundred and twenty calories of fat and fifty-five grams from sugar.

It can be easily be made healthier by using sugar free vanilla flavouring and reducing other syrups and sauces.

Now that we know all about the coffee world from the different types of coffee beans to the numerous types of coffee drinks featuring how they are made to all the most popular flavours to have while  at Starbucks, we hope that you will soon find the coffee world to be home.

While you may be settling in you may come across a number of myths such as that coffee will dehydrate you or it may stunt your growth. That having mid- afternoon coffee may cause you to have insomnia or that coffee may help you to lose or gain weight.

When it comes to the weight, gaining or losing that is debatable but before we draw any conclusions let us set the record straight. A cup of coffee may go a long way in helping one to lose weight since it helps in appetite control and may reduce the amount of food one takes. It also increases one’s metabolism, which helps in weight loss.

Calories in a cup of coffee

Some people will argue that a cup of coffee does not possess a whole lot of calories but all the toppings and sugar added often contain calories. So let us break it down: two ounces of non- fat milk will add up to twenty- two calories and zero point one grams of fat. Two ounces of whole milk add up to thirty- eight calories and two grams of fat.

Two ounces of cream will add up to one hundred and twenty calories and twelve grams of fat. While a teaspoon of sugar may save, you on some fat since it contains zero grams of it but it will still add up to sixteen calories to tour cup of coffee.

In this regard, next you will be grabbing your cup of coffee and would like to know how many calories are in your drink or how best to spice up your drink. Which topping will do the trick for your cup of coffee? Alternatively, what ingredients used in the making of your favorite cup of coffee and furthermore what are most popular flavors at your local Starbucks store if you for looking for a change you may want to pass by our site and get all the relevant information you may need from this recent article.

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