How Many Ounces Are in a Double Shot of Espresso?

Espresso is a mode of preparing coffee and refers to the result served in a mug. Many people love espresso due to its strong taste, and to avid coffee drinkers, it is a statement of sophistication. This drink’s presentation is one of its defining factors, where you get served in a shot glass or mug.

You can ask for a shot or a single shot, almost the same way you would do with drinks in a bar. Many curious coffee drinkers have a question: How many ounces are there in a double shot of espresso? Stick on as we tackle the metrics in espresso serving and provide the answers to this query.

How Many Ounces Are in a Double Shot of Espresso

Before digging deeper into the ounce topic, you have to understand the metrics in coffee serving. You will notice that there is the option for a single shot and a double shot in most coffee shops. The latter is more common, though if you want a single shot, a qualified barista will pull the right moves to give you your order.

The Metrics

Back to the metrics, a single shot of espresso requires 7-grams of fine espresso coffee, which will yield 30-milligrams of espresso. A double shot will double the coffee serving to 14-grams and yield 14-milligrams of the drink. A simple conversion of the milliliter value to liquid ounces gives you around 1-ounce for the single shot and 2-ounces for the double shot.

In short, a double shot of espresso is equal to 2-ounces. There is a high probability that the shot system borrowed from the ounce metric system. However, not all baristas will use this precise system, as some will use their vision to judge a double shot. Some establishments go the extra mile and pull out scales to be accurate in their measurement, where they also account for creamer mass.

Calories in a Double Shot of Espresso

Nowadays, many people are into healthy living and pay attention to what they consume. It is no surprise that a question on the calories present in a double shot of espresso would arise. A double shot of espresso contains 20 calories, though it may go up to 32 calories with half a teaspoon of sugar.

Calorie Comparison

Twenty calories is a low value, equal to half a cucumber or one carrot. You may need 2-3 minutes of jogging time, 9-minutes walking, or 3-minutes swimming to burn it. The value is not extreme to bring about severe health conditions that come about due to high-calorie intake.

Compared to Other Coffee Servings

When you compare espresso’s calories to other coffee drinks, you get the picture that it has a low value. Among the top competitors include black coffee, both regular and iced, which have two calories. On the higher side of the calories is nonfat latte, with almost 70 calories, and flavored latte, which has a value slightly above 100 calories. The calorie values may vary depending on how you make them or your preferred coffee shop.

How Many Espressos a Day is Safe

How many espressos should you have in a day? For coffee lovers, this is not a question that they consider as espresso has to be plenty to quench them when they feel like it. The good news to lovers of this beverage is that four to five cups a day is advisable. Coffee has several health benefits, and research reveals that a serving of up to five cups is right for your wellbeing.

Health Benefits of Espresso

Here are some benefits of espresso that will encourage you to have a serving once a while.

  • Helps In Concentration

A double shot of espresso will give your brain an energy boost, which will improve its activity. You may notice that you will be quite active in what you do and have enhanced concentration. This is especially great for students and also at work, where you will be more productive.

  • Improves Physical Activity

Taking a mug of this beverage before any physical engagement will boost your activity rate and efficiency. It will boost your adrenaline, and together with the enhanced brain activity, you can bring your best in whatever you are doing.

  • Reduces The Chances Of Some Lifestyle Conditions

When you pick the habit of taking a few cups of espresso a day, you beat the chances of getting lifestyle conditions like heart diseases, obesity, and diabetes. There is a link between consuming more espresso and a reduction of heart diseases, especially in women. The increased physical activity, more so when exercising without strain, will help keep obesity at bay.

Espresso has low calories and does not need much sugar. This helps you prevent diabetes.

  • Improves Digestion

Espresso will also improve digestion, coming to your aid if you have a bout of bloating and other digestion problems. It has anti-inflammatory properties that will relieve you from digestion troubles, thus you can take it before or after a meal.

Looking at the health benefits of making espresso, you cannot go slow on a serving. However, do not go past the five cups a day limit as you may be prone to some side effects which come due to high caffeine consumption.

How Much Caffeine is in A Double Shot Of Espresso?

As earlier mentioned, overconsumption of espresso can bring you some side effects due to its caffeine content. Caffeine is the substance in coffee that brings about the stimulatory impact, where you may be alert or in good moods after taking a cup. Espresso packs more caffeine as it is quite concentrated compared to most coffee servings.

A double shot of espresso contains 127.2- milligrams of caffeine, which is on the higher side, compared to 23.6-milligrams in a regular coffee cup of the same capacity. It explains the euphoric feeling you get after two double shots of espresso.

How Much Caffeine is too Much?

For adults, 400-600-milligrams of coffee is enough; past this limit, you expose yourself to its harmful effects. Suppose you take the four double shots, this translates to around 500-milligrams, which is still in the safe zone. For pregnant ladies and teenagers, the maximum caffeine consumption is 200-300-milligrams.

Side Effects of Caffeine

When you take more than the four recommended servings of espresso, you may encounter some nasty side effects. Highlighted are some of them.

  • Headaches.
  • Restlessness.
  • Insomnia.
  • Muscle tremors.
  • A fast heart rate.
  • Nervousness and panicking.

You should know that there are people who are more sensitive to caffeine than others. For them, a double shot of espresso may make them jittery. It can worsen if they have an underlying heart condition, such as hypertension, as the heart rate may spike.

While it may boost your performance and brain activity, too much espresso may cause insomnia and wear out your brain and body in general. The result is that you may be less productive as you need sufficient sleep to bring your best in your daily engagements.

In pregnancy, high amounts of caffeine can lead to underweight deliveries, which may affect the baby’s health and development. In severe situations, it can cause miscarriages.

Can You Make Double Shot of Espresso in a Keurig?

If you love coffee, you must know what the Keurig is or at least heard of it. If not, it is a revolutionary coffee making machine, which is popular with coffee drinkers due to its fast processing of drip coffee. It is very convenient, in that you can make a cup at a time; hence, there is minimal wastage.

It is a single-serve coffee maker that uses coffee pods to make this beverage. Can you use it to make a double shot of espresso? For the espresso enthusiast who cannot compromise on what is in their cup, the answer is no. In making espresso, it is not only a matter of coffee grind and water. There is also pressure and timing, which contribute to its concentration.

However, if you want something modified to taste and look like espresso, you may use the Keurig.

Making an Espresso Using Keurig

To make espresso using the Keurig, start by pouring clean water into the jug and let it heat up to 200-degrees Fahrenheit. The high temperature will help extract the flavor of your coffee grind. You then get into the brewing, where for every 6-ounces of water; you use 2-tablespoonfuls of the coffee grind and pour it into the portafilter.

Put the portafilter back to the jug, turn the coffee maker on, set the timer to 25-35 seconds, and wait for your beverage to be ready. While it won’t reach espresso’s standards, it is still a good coffee cup, and you can add some creamer.

 Final Word

Espresso is an excellent drink to have, giving you a rich taste and great aroma. It packs a lot of caffeine, and you will feel the radiating energy after having a double shot. 4-5 double shots of this type of coffee will do perfectly for your day. Do not exceed the limit as you may experience the side effects of caffeine.

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