How to Grind coffee Beans with a Grinder – QUICK GUIDE

Coffee flavor is at its best when fresh whole beans are ground just before you use them. There are many ways to grind coffee beans. You can use a hand grinder, a food processor or an automatic grinder.

We recommend using a coffee maker that comes with a built-in grinder because it is a quick and easy way to do the job. It’s best to choose a machine that gives you options for setting the coarseness of the grind.

This will allow you to choose how coarse or fine you want to make your coffee grounds for more variety in strength and flavor.

Choose Your Coffee Bean Grinder

We recommend the Cuisinart Grind-and-Brew 12 cup Automatic Coffee maker. This unit comes with a built-in coffee grinder that may be programmed to start the grinding process at any time.

This ensures the freshest possible coffee flavor. It is also the simplest and easiest way to get fresh grounds and a fast brewing time whenever you like.

Read The Manual

Your new machine will come with a user’s guide. Read through and learn about all of the working parts of the grinder and know where they are located.

The guide will also give you important information on how to operate the grinder and the coffee brewing system.

In addition, you will find useful information on how to properly take care of the machine, keep it clean and troubleshoot if there are problems.

Choose Your Favorite Coffee Beans

Buy whole coffee beans that have not been ground yet. There are different varieties so read the labels and choose the one that you will like the most.

Pay attention to the intensities. Most brands now come with labels that tell you how strong the coffee will be.

In addition to this, go with the flavors that you like the most. Some examples include French roast, espresso beans and so on.

Measure The Coffee Beans

The best results come when coffee grounds are added in the right amounts. Too much could make the coffee taste bitter.

Too little will give you a weak flavor so it’s important to use a measuring spoon or a scale if you would rather weigh the coffee according to grams. Either way will work, just so you get the right amount.


Adjust The Coarseness Level of The Grinder

Set your grinder to grind the beans the best coarseness for the type of coffee that you want to brew. A course grind will give the flavorless body, strength, and flavor than finer grinds.

Finely ground coffee beans provide the type of grounds which are used to make the full bodied, strong and intense espresso.

There are quite a few different choices in grind texture and you are the one who will determine what best suits your preference.

Load The Automatic Grinder

The fifth step deals with loading an automatic coffee bean grinder, like the one found in the combination grind and brew coffeemaker.

Simply add the correct amount of coffee beans into the grinder. Select the option for the coarseness and set the machine for grind and brew.

A combination grinder and coffee maker grind the beans then brew them afterward so it is faster and easier to get freshly brewed coffee with fewer steps.

Sample And Judge The Flavor

The first time you use the automatic grinding system may give you amazing results. If you’re not totally thrilled with the flavor or intensity of the first cup, it is time to experiment.

Is the flavor too weak? Is it too strong? Is the coffee bitter? It takes a little practice to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Make Adjustments Until The Brew is Perfect

This step only applies if you have not achieved the perfect cup of coffee the first time. Weak coffee means that the grounds may have been too coarse or that not enough grounds were used.

Bitter coffee means that too many coffee beans were used. If the coffee is too strong, lower a number of coffee beans used or increase the size of coarseness.

Practice Makes Perfect

By now you are getting close to getting the perfect grind to suit your taste. Make any minor adjustments that you feel are needed.

Your understanding of getting the perfect grind by now is solid. Be patient because it can take a little practice until you find the perfect grind size.

Share the amazing coffee that you brew from freshly ground beans with others and enjoy.

Clean The Automatic Grinder

Remove all used coffee grounds and keep the grinder clean and dry. Excess moisture can cause the development of bacteria.

This is why it’s important to throw out old coffee grounds and to not let them sit in the coffee grinder/maker combination.


Learning how to grind coffee beans does take some practice, but it is well worth the time spent. The process is made fast and easy with the use of a combination grinder and coffee maker.

This cuts down the amount of effort that it will take for a wonderfully fresh and flavorful cup of coffee.

Experiment until you find the perfect coffee beans and grind texture for the best cup of coffee in the neighborhood.

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