How to Use a Pour Over Coffee Maker (The Complete Guide)

Most of our mornings are characterized by coffee. We are either looking forward to having some of it or are in the process of making it.

However, whichever of the two you are doing you must certainly appreciate good coffee at the end of it all.

It is therefore most important to understand the type of coffee maker that you are using so as to not mess up your coffee-making process.

If your choice of coffee-making machine is a pour over coffeemaker then you are in luck.

Because we intend on giving you all the great tips in using the pour over coffee maker so as to ensure your coffee making exercise is nothing but a success.

How to use a Pour over Coffee Maker

If you enjoy being hands-on in your coffee making exercise then the pour over coffee maker is just the equipment for you.

But before we get to the coffee-making exercise, it is important to understand what exactly we are working with. The Pour over Coffee Maker is made of the following components:

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The Coffee Grinder

It is the most important part of the coffee maker as it is used in grinding of the coffee beans. So whether you will be using a manual or electric grinder you are well-advised to ensure it is a burr grinder.

Coffee Filters

They came in three categories the paper filters which are known to be single-use, keep fine sediment out of your coffee and are able to absorb all the flavorful oils.

Stainless steel filters that are multi-use will allow some sediment into your cup of coffee but will not absorb any of the oils. Finally the cloth filters are a mixture of both stainless and paper filters.

They, therefore, combine their attributes by being multi-use not allowing any fine sediment into your cup of coffee. They are to be frequently cleaned and should not be allowed to dry out.

Gooseneck Drip Kettle

Its main job is to control the pour rate which is the speed at which the hot water is poured into the coffee maker and the pour distribution which is the specific location in the coffee maker where the hot water is poured so as to ensure there is proper wetting and hence even extraction.

Coffee Stand

Though it will not add up to the flavor of your coffee it will ensure that you can squeeze in your ready-made coffee into a suitable cup and thereafter enjoy it.

Coffee Beans

It is also important to ensure you have the perfect beans to ensure you get quality coffee at the very end. Now that we understand what it is we are working with lets then get how we can use it.

Step 1: Grind your coffee beans

While grinding it is important to aim for a medium-sized grind since if your grind is too fine then your water may not filter all the way through and if it is too coarse then it may be under-extracted and your coffee may end up tasting flat.

Step 2: Measure out your grounds and water

Well, a good place to start from would be a ratio of seventeen to one of water to coffee if you will be measuring by weight.

However, if you still don’t have a scale yet not to worry we’ve got you. The appropriate ratio would be one to two tablespoons of coffee for every six ounces of water.

Step 3: Heat your water

One hundred and ninety-five to two hundred and five is the desired range with this process. The water must be very hot since unlike other processes in this one since there is no open spout that will keep the water within the coffee ground.

The hot water will ensure complete dissolution of the ground which will guarantee a properly extracted cup.

Step 4: Wet your grounds

Wetting also referred to as blooming is the first contact that coffee grounds have with water and thereafter expand like rising dough. Here you are slowly pouring in the hot water into the coffee grounds up to the point where it is completely absorbed.

Within which the hot water will work its magic and extract the organic compounds, desired caffeine, and the less desired compounds from the grounds.

The process should last up to about thirty seconds after which you can now finish your cup.

And if you have the proper grind size, correct water temperature, and optimal contact time then your extraction process will no doubt be a smooth one.

Step 5: Continue pouring to produce your cup

There are specifically two approaches that one can take during this process.

One would be to continuously pour the hot water and maintain the thinnest layer of water above the grounds and two would be to rapidly pour the water on top of the coffee maker and allow it to drip at its own rate in the while topping off.

Step 6: Enjoy and experiment

If your cup of coffee turns out great serve it and enjoy, however if you feel it could be better feel free to try different ways to get you there.

You could do this by changing the grind size, using different water temperatures, or even adjusting your contact time.

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How then do you clean you coffee maker after you have enjoyed your tasty cup of coffee? You do it by following the procedure below:

Step One:  With your pour over coffee maker at room temperature fill the bottom portion with a handful of ice cubes or you can use crushed ice. Whatever works for you and if your coffee maker is small the use fewer ice cubes.

Step2: Add four teaspoons of table salt, one tablespoon of water, and a tablespoon of lemon juice.

Step 3: Swirl the mixture brusquely. The salty mixture will then clean up the dried-up coffee gunk while the water will keep it from being too abrasive to scratch the glass

Step 4: Pour the ice salt and water mixture down the drain and then rinse the coffee maker with cold water. Avoid the use of hot water since it may cause the glass to break.

Step 5: if there is any residue remaining you can repeat the procedure or use a Chemex brush or any long-handled brush with dish soap to remove the stubborn stains and leave your Pour over Coffee Maker sparkling clean.

Final Words

We truly hope that you will be enjoying your cup of coffee soon since you equipped with all the information to make your experience a fantastic one.

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