Largest Coffee Chains In the US 2021 (You Should Check!)

For most coffee enthusiasts, it’s essential to find the best coffee shop. There are many coffee chains to pick from, especially in the U.S.

One sure way to tell whether or not the coffee chain is good is by having a look at its popularity. For a coffee chain to be good, it has to be popular amongst people.

This is why we will talk about the most popular coffee chains in the U.S. That way; you can find out which coffee chain is best suited for you.

How many coffee chains are there?

There are approximately 4,000 coffee chains around the world and over 2,000 in the U.S.A.

But there are over 30,000 coffee shops in the U.S.A which is different from a coffee chain.

A coffee chain has multiple locations around the country and shares the same menu, whereas a coffee shop is a unique shop with only one location.

Since coffee chains are easily accessible to most people, they will opt for a coffee chain.

The most popular coffee chains in the U.S.A

The coffee chains we will talk about have the most locations in the U.S.A, but the popularity will differ from state to state.

Since the U.S.A is a vast country, citizens around the US have different tastes, hence the discrepancy amongst demand.

We might miss out on some coffee chains that may be popular in your state, as the coffee chain’s we are going to talk about are popular throughout the United States and not just one singular state.

That being said, if you live in the United States, then chances are you have come across these coffee chains once in your lifetime. Let’s talk about the top coffee chains in the U.S.A.

1. Starbucks

Starbucks is the number one coffee chain in the United States, and for a good reason. Starbucks started in 1971 and has been rapidly growing ever since.

Everybody loves Starbucks because they offer excellent quality coffee and a rewards program.

You get a free beverage on your birthday, and you also get complimentary drinks as you collect more points from your Starbucks application.

Starbucks gets its popularity by rewarding its regular customers, and they have over 27,000 stores worldwide, providing loyal customers with premium quality coffee.

On top of the rewards program, they allow you to make your custom drinks, which makes the experience even better.

The primary reason why so many people love Starbucks is that they make the customers feel special by giving them regular rewards and allowing them to make their drink special.

2. Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts it’s also a fantastic coffee chain, coming in second after Starbucks. Dunkin Donuts has over 11,000 coffee chains worldwide and provides users with a free cup of coffee once they achieve 200 points.

The reason why Dunkin Donuts isn’t as famous as Starbucks is because they don’t provide customers with fancy drinks or the ability to customize their beverage.

On the bright side, Dunkin Donuts is relatively cheap when compared to Starbucks. Dunkin Donuts is also known for its donuts, hence the name.

The reason why most Americans would opt for Dunkin Donuts over Starbucks is that they are relatively cheap and provide users with much more than just beverages.

Dunkin Donut also allows customers to get exclusive breakfast deals, making their coffee runs a daily ritual.

Even though most coffee shops offer breakfast, Dunkin Donuts provides customers with new and exclusive deals, which makes it enticing for customers to buy Dunkin Donuts first thing in the morning.

3. Tim Hortons

Even though Tim Hortons originated in Canada, it’s starting to gain its popularity in the United States. With over 900 stores, most people enjoy Tim Hortons because of its simplicity.

Ordering from Tim Hortons doesn’t have to be complicated, making it a natural choice for people on the go.

Tim Hortons also makes specialty drinks, but you can modify the drink to meet your needs.

The one thing many people love about Tim Hortons is their regular coffee, the flavor is unique and is made from 100% arabica beans.

Tim Hortons does offer donuts and other snacks and meals. The main thing most people enjoy would be their regular “double-double,” which is just two creams and two sugars.

Tim Hortons might not be the fanciest coffee shop, but it does provide users with a “home” feel.

4. Caribou Coffee

This coffee chain is starting to become popular in the United States. They have over 300 stores in the U.S.A., and most customers like to sit down and enjoy their beverage in-store.

The one thing that sets this coffee shop apart from others is the environment. The environment is fantastic, as many people like to go to the shop and sit for hours and drink coffee.

Even though many people can enjoy the environment at Starbucks, this coffee shop provides users with a much better sit-down experience.

The benefits program isn’t as good as Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts; you need to collect 120 points to get a free beverage.

This means you need to buy 60 cups of coffee before you can cash in your rewards.

Luckily most people who are regular at Caribou Coffee will purchase 60 cups of coffee within a matter of months as they will spend most of their time at the shop. Unfortunately, this coffee shop is not for everyone, as most people like to grab their coffee and go.


Now that you know the top coffee chains around the nation, which one are you more likely to visit?

All of the coffee chains we have discussed are some of the best coffee chains in the U.S.A and are loved for different reasons.

If you like custom drinks, then you can’t go wrong with Starbucks. If you want budget-friendly coffee, then Dunkin Donuts is your new best friend.

If you like coffee, which tastes like home, then you can’t go wrong with Tim Hortons. And if you wish to sit for hours and drink your coffee, then Caribou coffee is your next stop.

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