Why Coffee is an Important Indicator of Rent?

Nowadays, coffee is no more a luxury item yet. Though previously, first-world countries run on coffee, now almost everyone’s daily routine is incomplete without coffee. Now coffee is everywhere in cafes, restaurants and houses. Also, there are some special shops available which are only for different types of coffee.

Therefore, the general people have found out the benefit and interest on coffee, and as a result, the experts are inventing different types of coffee. Because of its distinct taste and the benefits of caffeine, most people consider it in breakfast in everyday routine. Furthermore, it releases us from boredom, especially when you are stuck with a lot of work. Students also consider it during late-night study.

Indoor coffee vs. Outdoor coffee

However, you can prepare coffee in your house any time you want, but it is pretty time-dependent and needs a good number of ingredients. Afterward, the ingredients are more expensive as well. Especially espresso and pour-over drinks are tastier, and you cannot get the real test and flavor of them when you are making them at home.

On the other hand, it is very much available in coffee shops and restaurants, and you will get the real taste of it quickly. Likewise, because of being available, it is cheap. If you compare the cost with the ingredients and the buying coffee, you can find out that homemade coffee is more expensive than the restaurant.

The vibe of the coffee shop

Eventually, then the restaurant turns into a great place for doing any meeting, gathering. It also refreshes your mind. Some restaurants and coffee shops offer various facilities like a kid’s playground, indoor gaming, and nice decoration. Then when you want to buy a new house or want to rent a new apartment, it is very important to have a coffee shop near your house or apartment.

For this reason, having a good number of coffee shops enhances the price of house rent. Eventually, the people also agree to waste more money than the house to get the coffee’s vibe. Therefore, it is very clear that there is a good connection between coffee shops and house rent.

Factor analysis

Likewise, we come up with two factors: the number of the coffee shop and another one is house rent, and both are proportional. Here is the analyzed rental price and the business of the top seven major towns in the US. They are New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, San Diego, Chicago, and Atlanta. After comparing the median price and the number of the coffee shop, we conclude to disclose the matter very prominent way.

The median rent in cities

If we go through a deep analysis according to the median of seven cities of the US, we can come up with a rank based on the highest price of the rent. In the rent, New York City is in the first position about the price range. After that, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, San Diego, Chicago, and Atlanta respectively take the second, third, fourth, sixth, and seventh rank positions. It seems that Atlanta holds the lowest amount of people among them.

Here, the population is also included. In New York City, the population is more than the last one, which is Atlanta. Therefore, the number of pollution do an effect also about the rent of the median. Since it is a matter of facilities, it is generally about the median’s enhanced price.

  • The number of coffee shops:

Since the number of coffee shops is an indicator of a city, then after analyzing the number of coffee shops in seven cities, it will be very clear as an indicator as well. If we do, a rank of seven cities the New York holds the maximum number of coffee shops than the rest of six. After that, san Francisco holding the second position, Chicago third, Washington fourth, San Diego fifth, and Los Angeles sixth.

Furthermore, Atlanta is holding the last position because of the lowest number of coffee shops as well. So here we can see the variation and ups and downs of the number of coffee shops in the cities.

Eventually, the shop owners are also concerned about the business’s growth regarding the sale of the coffee. Thus, if there are many shops, then it is clear that the population is more. Likewise, the business owner does not place shop where there is a less population than the populated city.

  • Compression: 

If we compare the median rent in major US cities and the number of coffee shops in the cities, we can know the real indication phenomena of our relevant topic. Here New York City is in the acme for the median rent and number of coffee shops.

On the other hand, Atlanta is at the lowest position from both of the perspective. Here only Los Angeles and Chicago have changed their position among all seven cities. Chicago has placed the 3rd position, and Los Angeles placed the sixth about the number of coffee shops since it is very negligible because only two cities change the indication among the seven.

Final verdict

At last, by analyzing the compression and the basic example of the survey, it is clear that coffee or coffee shop is an indicator about the price of rent. You come to visit any new city, and if you see there is a good number of coffee shops, then you can only understand that the median rent of the city is comparatively low than the other city.

For this reason, nowadays, the developers are designed their city by placing some resultant coffee shop to enhance the facilities and increase the rent of the new home, apartment, and median. If you want any help to find a suitable apartment for you then check this site.

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